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Keeslar & Associates Government Relations provides a valuable combination of substance, strategy, communication skills and experience through the legislative and budget process. Keeslar & Associates was founded in 1994.  Karen Keeslar, the owner and principal lobbyist, has an acute knowledge of government practices and financing, and a personal and professional familiarity with public affairs generally. I prefer a highly collaborative working relationship with my clients, resulting in an interactive and creative environment. This philosophy underlies my approach to consulting and advocacy relationships and includes:

  • Focusing on client needs. With Keeslar & Associates, clients are best served by a legislative advocate with both the long-term commitment to your success and the skills and experience necessary to achieve your objectives.
  • An emphasis on problem solving. It is my practice to provide advice and representation based on an in-depth understanding of the issues. In addition to lobbying and consulting experience, I have been the author of extensive research reports and data development projects, and therefore understand the potential depth of information which complex issues require. I take the time to learn issues and do thorough research so as to best comprehend and represent the interests of my clients. I am committed to this highly substantive approach as the best way to develop successful strategies and original approaches to public policy issues.
  • Timeliness. I am committed to the punctual delivery of services. My ability to deliver services on schedule is a function of both the depth and experience that I have demonstrated to meet government timelines.
  • Proactive advocacy and consulting. I am willing and able to take stands, suggest actions, identify opportunities, and anticipate problems. This proactive stance is possible only from an experienced professional who is knowledgeable of complex and changing funding sources and laws.


Karen Keeslar, Owner

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Sacramento, CA 95814


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